People Involved in the Project

Design Space Team

Professor Matt Jones (Swansea University) - Principal Investigator

Timothy Neate (Swansea University) - Researcher

Simon Robinson (Swansea University) - Associated Researcher

Jen Pearson (Swansea University) - Associated Researcher

Juan Rosso (Université Grenoble Alpes) - PhD Researcher

Laurence Nigay (Université Grenoble Alpes) - Visiting Researcher

Céline Coutrix (University of Stuttgart) - Visiting Researcher

Alix Goguey (University Institutes of Technology) - Associated Researcher

Chi Zhang (Swansea University) - Postdoc Researcher

Technical Team

Professor Sriram Subramanian (Sussex University) - Co-Investigator

Yutaka Tokuda (Sussex University) - Researcher

Anne Roudaut (Bristol University) - Visiting Researcher

Deepak Sahoo (Swansea University) - Associated Researcher

Perspectives Team

Phil Stenton (BBC R & D) - Visiting Researcher

Rory Wilson (Swansea University) - Co-Investigator

Anne, Matt, Jen, and Céline in Swansea for the Kick-off.
From left to right: Simon; Anne; Sriram; Cameron; Jen; Phil; Céline; Tim; Rory.
From left to right: Chi; Alix; Yutaka; Simon; Gianluca Memoli; Sriram; Jen; Matt; Deepak.
Simon, Sriram, Matt, Gianluca Memoli, Alix, Deepak, Yutaka and Chi at Swansea Bay Campus.