The teams will submit to CHI; Mobile HCI; UIST; TEI, etc Until then, take a look at some past papers by people involved in the project.

  • D. Sahoo, T. Neate, Y. Tokuda, J. Pearson, S. Robinson, S. Subramanian, M. Jones. Tangible Drops: A Visio-Tactile Display Using Actuated Liquid-Metal Droplets. In Proceedings of CHI 2018.

  • Y. Tokuda, J. Berna, G. Memoli, T. Neate, D. Sahoo, S. Robinson, J. Pearson, M. Jones, S. Subramanian. Programmable Liquid Matter: 2D Shape Deformation of Highly Conductive Liquid Metals in a Dynamic Electric Field. In Proceedings of ISS 2017.

  • Robinson, S., Coutrix, C., Pearson, Jennifer,. Rosso, J., Torquato, M., Nigay, L., Jones, M., Emergeables: Deformable Displays for Continuous Eyes-Free Mobile Interaction, Proceedings of CHI, 2016.

  • Sahoo, D., Hornbæk, C., Subramanian, S., TableHop: An Actuated Fabric Display Using Transparent Electrodes, Proceedings of CHI, 2016.